Masters 2 – BFNI: presentation


This combined specialization is intended for students with 4 years of further education, who are looking to specialize in the fields of banking, market finance or international trading in raw materials. The teaching objective is to develop capacities for analysis, to give students good command of the techniques used in the capital and derivatives markets, and solid knowledge of the institutional and regulatory environment relative to financial activities and capital markets.

There are two courses on offer:
The professional course aims to give students the skills needed to access the various posts available within a finance and investment bank (trader, sales, asset manager, RFP manager, financial analyst...) together with the functions linked to international trading in raw materials, (energy, metals, soft commodities...).
The research course sets out to school top-level researchers in all the themes of international finance and market finance in order to lay claim to university careers and research functions in the banking sector and with major corporations.
Training dwells on the versatility of skills in order to facilitate a student's transition to the business world and the furthering of his or her career. It teaches the skills required by the professions of market finance exercised within banks and business companies:

  • financial analyst and market economist (capital – raw materials - energy)
  • front, middle and back office positions
  • asset management
  • exchange and international cash management
  • risk manager (rates, exchange, products)
  • trading in raw materials – energy
  • supplies management

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